Location and Landscape
Situated in the Northern India, Delhi lies on the 28.61°N latitude and 77.23°E latitude. The north, west and south is bordered by the Indian state of Haryana and to its east is Uttar Pradesh (UP). Right through the British raj, Delhi used to be a part of the Punjab Province. One of the dominant feature in Delhi are the Aravalli Ranges in the south. Yamuna is one of the river that flows through Delhi.

Delhi is known to have both extreme summers and extreme winters. Summer lasts from April – July with an average temperature above 36 °C and the winter season lasts from December to February with an average temperature below 23° C. March to May is considered fairly pleasant yet hot. The monsoon season begins in June end, along with an increase in the atmospheric humidity.

Natural Resources
The northern extension of the ancient Aravalli Range which is famously known as “The Ridge” houses quartzite rocks. It is also said to be the green lungs for the city and protects Delhi from the hot winds during summer.