Bhai Bundu ka Haleem

By on March 24, 2014

When one is visiting Old Delhi, eateries such as chicken fry, fish fry, chat, pakoris, puri, sabzi, halwa are all available for one to try and experience. But this experience is incomplete without having tried one of the most famous and traditional dish of ‘purani dilli’ and that is Haleem. The list is rather incomplete without having tried it. AAnd in order to experience this dish, one has to go to Bhai Bundu’s haleem. Available from 12pm to 3 pm only. Haleem is in itself a special dish. Made up of crushed wheat, crushed barley and many pulses along with meat, it is cooked in mild temperature for a great time. A must have specialty during festivals and winters.

Photo Credit:Miansari66