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Kazi ka hauz

By on January 13, 2014

Kazi ka hauz

This tank was built in Muatabaruddaulah in 1844 AD. In the olden days, this tank was next to a four way street. Today it has been converted into a hardware goods market. In olden days, a beautiful stream is said to be flowing towards the end of the tank. It was only when this stream had dried up, the tank became redundant.

Today, this market is known as Kauz Kazi. A four way road has been built around it. One of the roads goes to “Ajmeri Darwaza”, the other to “Sitaram Baazar” and ends up at “Turkman Darwaza” (gate). One road goes to “Sirki walan”, “Laknoi”, “Badiyon ke katre” and passes through “Naya bans” and ends at “Khari Bawbli” market.

The fourth road goes to “Jama Masjid” via “Chawadi Baazar”. A road emanates from here to “Nayee Sadak” which mingles with “Chandani Chowk”.

These are the lanes on either sides of Hauz Kazi market.
– Gali Hakeem Bakka
– Mohalla Peepul Mahadev which also has Chhatta Sufi jee. One lane goes to Shairaf Gun Khan baradari and mingles at Balli Maran.
– Bakarmat Hall
– Gali Jajam Puriyan
– Lal Darwaza
– Katara Kazi
– Haveli Mir Afzal
– Dawakhana Hamdarf: which was headed by Hakeem Sifa-ul-Mulk Marhumam.
– Gali Kami Khan : which had the mansion of late Nawab Badhan Khan bahadur Hadi Husain Khan.
– Madarsa Inayatullah Khan
– Hindustan Darwaza
– Gali Mir Jumla : This area was named after a famour Madarasa – “Mir Jumla”. Today, only the name of the Madarasa remains and this is what this area is famous for.