Historical Structures

Mohalla Muftiyan

By on December 27, 2013

Mohalla Muftiyan:

This mohalla (locality) is famous by the name of “Mufti Ikram-uddin Khan sahib”, the reknowned Sadar-e-Amin. His sons and daughters used to live in this locality. Maulvi Ehsaan-ul-Haq and Maulvi Mohammad Anvaar-ul-Haq’s mention is particularly noteworthy. Maulvi Mohammad Anvaar-ul-Haq sahib was for long an agent of governor general Rajputana’s Mir Munshi and he did his duty very diligently and earned a good name.

The famous, “Dai ki Masjid” is found in Mohalla Muftiyan. And it is from the “Dai ki Masjid” one can also find ways to go towards areas such as – “Kucha Tara Chand”, “Chhata Lal Mian”, “Mohalla Chauhan”, “Katara Badhaan”, “Kucha Jalal Bukhari”, “Mohalla Dhobiyan”, “Katra Sahen Rai” and “gali Malia”.