Gali Jatwada

By on March 18, 2014

It is said that during the time of partition in 1947, Jats used to live here. The name of the lane comes from the Jat community, which used to reside here at one point of time. There is one other Gali Jatwada on Chitali Kabra Baazar road near Kamra Bangas. This area was also home for many Jats during the time of partition. There is a mosque in the locality, which is known as Anarwali Masjid. It was built in the year 1806. In old times there was a pomegranate tree close to the mosque. People used to pray for fulfillment of their wishes and tied amulets on the pomegranate tree. The tree no longer exists. Gali Jatwada merges with Kucha Tara Chand and Kucha Jalal Bukhari and opens at tri-junction Bahram Khan.