Urdu Bazaar

By on February 13, 2014

On the southern gate of Jama Masjid is a narrow slope, which goes towards Daryaganj. This area is known as Urdu Baazar. On the right side of this road is a big market of Urdu books. Famous collections like Anjuman Tarakki Urdu and Jamia Maktab Urdu can be found in the area. These shops sell religious books like The Holy Koran, Sipare, Dua etc. The shops also have historical books and various other Ajamin book available in Urdu and other languages. Apart from bookshops the area has a long row of meat, fish and chicken shops. Earlier there used to be a huge market of fish and chicken here and was known as Machli Bazar. The market has now shifted to Ghazipur and has been replaced by car parking. Kasturba Gandhi Women’s Hospital popularly known as Machhli Wala Hospital is located in the area. Although most of the shops have relocated to Gazipur there are still a few fish and chicken shops left in the area. In front of the shops is a huge tree, which on the basis of its size and density appears to be more than 100 years old. A person sits under this tree and sells fish net. In the past there used to be a cinema hall in this market. It was known as Jagat Cinema. The structure of the theatre is still there but cinemas no longer play here. There is a lane adjacent to the building and is known as Jagat cinema wali gali.

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