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Dargah Hazrat Shah Turkman Shamshul Arfeen Bayabani (1240 AD)

By on March 18, 2014

On the land of Delhi big scholars of Islam and Fakirs (Sainst) came who taught the lesson of humanity. People from all religions were their disciples. Among those Fakirs (Saints) was this Hazrat Shah Turkman Sahab also who was a scholar of the highest grade.

His name was Shareef Shamshul-Aarfeen and Bayavani was added as he spent his time in solitude away from the noise and bustle of the world and treated people about goodness and peace. He belonged to Saharvar Diya family (khandaan).

His mazaar is at Gali Wajeer Baig Mohalla Kabristaan. Some more graves are there beside his grave which is said to be of his disciples. Between Dargah Turkman Shah Bayabani and Turkman gate there are – Gali Garhrariya, Gali Gadhe wali, Gali Mirwali, Gali Master Shiv Prasad, Gali Dhakota, Kalyanpura, Ahatamir Bukhari and after that Turkman Darwaza.